Pat’s turkeys and a thanksgiving dinner, slow food style.

This weekend, Slow Food is helping the Pats Pastured crew with their turkey processing. This Saturday, November 17th we will meet at the Memorial Union at 8:00 am to head to Pat’s. We will work there until we’re no longer needed, then head back to campus. Cate and Alyssa can give rides, or you can meet us there! The farm is located on 830 South Road in East Greenwich. Its a beautiful farm, and Pat and his crew do a wonderful job at raising the animals. It is definitely worthwhile to take part in the process of bringing our thanksgiving turkeys to the table.

On Sunday the 18th, we are getting together with the outing club to have our annual potluck thanksgiving dinner! Pat is donating a turkey, and everyone is welcome to bring a dish to share. The dinner will be held in the Eddy Hall Lounge. There is a small kitchen with an oven if you need to heat up your dish! Everyone remember to bring utensils, a cup, plate, bowl, and friends! Last year’s dinner was delicious! Hope to see you there!

Check out the Pats Pastured Website and Facebook for info and great pictures!


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