Slow Food URI’s Local Food Markets – Spring Series

Sun, blooming trees, fresh rain, sprouts and the teasing feeling that school is almost out… What could be better?

We’ll tell you; this spring Slow Food URI has successfully implemented Local Food Markets on the university quad and that means some damn good food at your fingertips every single Wednesday from 11:00am to 3:00pm.


With vendors like Tallulah’s Tacos (above), The Coffee Guy (below), Great Harvest Bread Co., Bravo Wood-fired Pizza, Absolona Green House, Farming Turtles and many more how can you go wrong?


You can’t. Plus, where else can you find perfect Boston Bibb lettuce? You can’t do that either! Absolona Greenhouse (below) grows their produce hydroponically – pretty nifty if you ask us.


After the first market we had to celebrate our success and what better way to do so than to play in the soil while frying up some  Rhody inspired Johnnycakes? Bob, one of our slow food guys (plant romanticist) claimed to be a pro at flipping the little flint-corn cakes so we challenged him to work griddle. Well, let’s just say he was so thrilled that he got dressed up for the occasion (see below). Now that is love to your native food (although we caught wind of a rumor he isn’t from RI but from Austria. Hmmm, Austrian Johnnycakes?).


The johnnycakes were traditional and perfect in every way and the RI harvested syrup enhanced the griddled patties for those of us who have a sweet tooth (myself included). Cate seasoned her johnnycakes with the soil from her hands (see below, Cate is in red with brown hands and is making an a very attractive face). Yikes.


It was a phenomenal day. After all, what do you expect when people gather around food; only the best, right? Yup, And the good news doesn’t stop there, the URI community likes the Local Food Markets so much that we’ve been approved to hold weekly markets in the fall. Maybe we’ll get some of our produce in there to share with the public!


Stick around and watch Slow Food URI and all the dedicated Slowfoodists take over the University of Rhode Island!



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