Food Day Celebration

We enjoyed some very beautiful fall weather as a group on Monday while apple picking.  We were able to pick from a few varieties such as Macouns, Macintosh, and Courtland…..  The Courtland apples were bright shiny red after wiping the coating off of the apple.  Biting into the shiny peel with a loud crunch revealed the meat of the apple bursting with a crisp flavor.  When you go apple picking, I highly suggest these apples for snacking on.  We picked these apples for our Food Day apple taste test that was held on Thursday, October 20th on the quad at URI.  Slow Food URI  hosted a farmers market from 11-2.  The following vendors joined us in our celebration of Food Day:  The Coffee Guy, Good Harvest, Tallulah Taco, Bravo Pizza and Like No Udder. 

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URI students flooded the quad visiting and purchasing some yummy goods from the venders. Students also visited our Slow Food booth where they participated in our taste test.  They had to try a piece of an apple from the supermarket Stop and Shop and then try a piece of the apple we picked from the farm.  They had to tell us which apple they enjoyed more, and which one they thought was local.  The competition of which apple was better were neck and neck…and we were surprised. Some comments people made about the local apples were:  juicy, sweet, firm, crisp.  Comments made about the apples from Stop and Shop were weird, sour, tart, juicy, tangy, mushy/not as crisp,sweet.  While we were expecting everyone to LOVE the local apples, it really depended on the individual’s apple preference, if they liked sweet vs sour or mushy vs crisp apples.  We enjoyed performing this little experiment while informing students about the importance local food.  Hope you celebrated Food Day and enjoyed it!



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