Pizza In the Garden

Hey Slow Foodies!

We had a great meeting in our garden at the Watson House.  Alyssa brought along a grill and some pizza dough and we all brought some scrumptious toppings to put on our grilled pizzas.  Some toppings were: basil, tomatoes, chicken and hen of the woods(fungi),  artichokes hearts, olives, Gouda cheese and peppers from our garden :).  While we waited for the pizzas to grill, Megan, the grad student that lives in the Watson House gave us a tour of the house!  The house and the farm land were sold to URI in 1888 by Oliver Watson and the is the oldest structure on campus dating back to around 1790.  I am so thrilled to have our garden there :).  A few weeks ago we planted again to start a winter garden.  We are growing radishes, carrots, spinach and turnips.  The radishes have already sprouted!  Soon we will have to cover the garden ground to prevent the plants from freezing.

Slow Food URI is pretty busy this semester between the garden and some other events coming up.  On October 20th there is a farmers market on the URI quad and we will be holding a booth there from 10-2 to give out some Slow Food information and do an apple tasting in celebration of Food Day!  Then on October 27th, we will be holding another booth from 10-2 in the union promoting Fair Trade and handing out Fair Trade chocolate.

So stop by and see us!

Happy Columbus Day Weekend!  And we will meet next Monday the 17th at 4…not sure if our meeting will be held at the garden due to colder weather.  Look for an email!



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